Mothers did not teach us that! What everyone should know about hair and combing hair ... 

When we talk about hair, soon we hear about new shampoos, conditioners, hair straighteners, hair colours, etc. But what we should really talk about and what should we really be aware of is the strength, hidden in our hair. 

You probably know that in the military they shave men's hair. Do you know why? 

Why we do not cut our children's hair before they are at least one year old? 

Why women in churches cover their hair with a scarf? 

Already in ancient times it was known that hair is a kind of "antenna" which connects a person with the cosmos and gives us mental strength. Therefore, combing is actually a very important, special ceremony, that only a few people understand. 

Combing is not only for beauty purpose, it is also a healing and energetic technique, which improves blood circulation, brings well-being, strength and health and hair growth. 

Where lies the problem? 

When plastic brushes for easier combing came into fashion some time ago, many who know the secret of ritual combing were shocked. 

Comb or brush must be made of natural materials, and even the experts warn us that combs and brushes made of synthetic materials can be harmful and even dangerous. 

Plastic comb, for example, creates voltage of 60,000 volts, celluloid even of 100,000 volts, and that is why sparks are visible while combing. Combing with a metal brush causes hair cracks and split ends. 

Plastic combs and brushes create static electricity, which weakens the hair, which becomes thin and breakable. Furthermore, scalp becomes susceptible to germs and parasites, resulting in diseases of hair and scalp. 

Ask yourself, how many people do you know, who have problems with hair and scalp? How many shampoos, oils, conditioners and other hair preparations have they already tested? 

We build on ancient knowledge, knowledge of shamans, wise women. 

In the evening it is important to comb your hair to remove all the negative information that has accumulated during the day. For this purpose, it is necessary to use a wooden comb.